HOB BioLINE Allergy Reagent Kit: A Comprehensive Guide to Food and Inhalant Allergen Diagnosis Introducing by AmIndo Biologics.

HOB Line Allergy Kit by HOB Biotech Group. Delving into the world of semi-quantitative measurement of allergen-specific IgE antibodies, this introduction provides a glimpse into the significance of precision and accuracy in allergy diagnosis. Join us as we unravel the capabilities of this blotting enzyme assay, deciphering its role as a vital tool in the detection of allergens within human sera. Discover why the HOB Line Allergy Kit stands at the forefront of modern allergy diagnostics, from its technological foundations to its practical applications. The BioLINE Allergy Reagent kit offers a valuable solution for the diagnosis of both food and inhalant allergens.

Food Allergen Testing: The BioLINE allergens Kit for food allergies is designed to detect specific IgE antibodies related to 26 common food allergens. This kit aids in identifying allergic sensitivities to various foods, providing essential information for tailored dietary management and avoidance strategies.

Inhalant Allergen Diagnosis: For inhalant allergens, the BioLINE allergens Kit assesses the presence of IgE antibodies related to 26 airborne allergens. This includes a well-balanced mixture of common inhalant allergens, helping healthcare professionals pinpoint the specific triggers for respiratory allergies.


  1. Specific allergens are bound to the surface of nitrocellulose membranes in lines.
  2. Allergen-specific IgE antibodies from the patient’s serum bind to the allergens.
  3. Unbound specific IgE and other serum proteins are removed in a washing step.
  4. Enzyme-linked anti-IgE antibodies are applied and bind to the allergen-specific IgE antibodies.
  5. Unbound enzyme-linked anti-IgE antibodies are removed in a washing step.
  6. Substrate is added and catalyzed by alkaline phosphatase into a color signal.

Features and Benefits:

  • Menu spanning hundreds of allergens (Food, Inhale, Molds, Herbs, etc.)
  • Multiplexing up to 25 allergens per strip.
  • Multiple and customizable allergen panels.
  • Testing procedure, manual or with automation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Automation solution with HOB Line Machine and HOB Line Software


HOB BioLINE allergens Kits for food and inhalant allergens exemplify a commitment to innovation in the field of allergy diagnostics. With their precision, user-friendly design, and incorporation of advanced technologies, these kits empower healthcare professionals to offer accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. As we continue to navigate the challenges of allergies, BioLINE contributions are pivotal in improving the lives of individuals affected by these conditions.

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